Why We Can’t Give Up

“Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.” –Benjamin Disraeli

The world is a complicated place. Economic markets requiring an advanced mathematics degree with a minor in speculation to understand. Foreign conflicts against distant, unknown enemies willing to die for causes we do not understand. An uncertain future, full of potential calamities in the United State and around the world. Its enough to drive the human race into a never ending spiral of apathy and despair. Despite this doom and gloom, it is important we do not merely give up and accept our perceived fates. There are plenty of reasons to fight for the future we need.

The only way to succeed is to try. Seems like a common sense solution when you think about it, yet so many of us seem to forget this. Maybe the world will end tomorrow, maybe it won’t. As it is, nothing is certain. However, in order to build a future worth living in, we need to attempt to achieve. We must take the first step into the unknown, and embrace our hopes and dreams. Leaping forward one action at a time towards the accomplishment of these ideals. Sure we might fail, but we definitely will if we refuse to take the first step into the unknown.

We can only control what happens today. The future is unknown quantity. We can speculate about it. In fact, are entire economic house of cards is based on this very concept. However, no matter how much we try to predict how things will play out, the one constant involving tomorrow is that it is not today. The present moment is our opportunity to make the best of things. Every second we are alive we have the opportunity to affect the world around us. Sometimes our decisions have unforeseen consequences. However, we can only act in the here and now. No amount of end of days rhetoric will change that. As long as we are breathing we must continue to take the necessary actions today aiming for the creation of a better tomorrow.

Life is short. On the grand cosmic scale of everything, an individuals life is relatively short. Unless of course you are an immortal, in which case you probably have bigger things to worry about. Considering how short our existences are, it seems even more important we continue to strive for our ideal of the future. Languishing away, lamenting the futility of life accomplishes nothing and leaves us looking back at our life wonder what it was all for. Instead, we should continue to reach for the seemingly impossible heights of our potential. Using our time on earth to change the world for the better. Ignoring the short term despair an uncertain future holds, and drawing upon the hope inherent in all of us.

The twists and turns of life can make it seem like were trapped into a futile forest maze with no hope for survival. Fortunately, as long as we continue to strive for something more, there is reason for confidence. The worries of tomorrow pale in consideration to the potential to overcome them today. Every moment we are alive is a chance to alter the dark shadow of a foreboding fate. We must seize every opportunity and refuse to accept the inevitability of our demise. It is within this resolve we will find a path forward.


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