Focus for the Future

The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

A great deal of life’s success relies on our ability to focus. The ability to zero on our goals and desires and convert them to reality. Looking beyond life’s daily distractions and realizing our ultimate potential. However, for many of us finding this ultimate focus is far more difficult than it sounds. We are constantly assailed by thoughts and ideas detracting from realizing our purpose and the great things we can achieve. In order to truly ensure we are moving towards the destiny we are capable of we must not only embrace the future, but the present moment as well.

However this is easier said than done. For many of us, the grind of every day life saps all our energy making it almost impossible to exert the necessary effort to look ahead. How can one focus on the future, when they barely find the reserves to pay attention to the details of every day life? The fact remains, we must find away to look beyond the present, lest we wake up one day in the twilight of our lives having accomplished nothing we set out to do. As bad as ignoring the future is, forgetting about the present has the potential to render any future plans unnecessary.

While we must focus on the direction we are moving, we must also pay attention to the road we are on. Everyday decisions we make leads us to the next step. However, many times we find ourselves so concerned with figuring out our future plans, we fail to focus on what we are doing in the present. Success today is vital to success tomorrow. In the end it all comes down to focus.

Future, present, past. Everything comes down to maintaining focus. Focus on where we want to end up. Focus on the things we must do to get there. Focus on the experiences and life lessons from our past needed to realize our calling. Of course all the focus in the world cannot prevent the unpredictable happenstances of our existence. However, as long as we know what we want, we’ll be able to adapt and continue to move forward.

The key to our dreams lies in our ability to focus long enough to realize them.


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