The Urgency of Today

What are we waiting for? We talk about the great moments in store for us. The changes we will make to ensure our world continues to thrive in the face of the challenges it faces. Yet, we drag our feet. We worry about getting past the immediate crises facing us, and push off seizing the day until a more convenient time. However, continuing to kick our goals down the metaphorical road of life will not only leave us wondering if we are making the right decisions in our daily life, but if left unchecked, could leave us at the end of our journey with no time left.

We are easily distracted by the demands of survival. Many of us spend a vast majority of our lives working a job that enables to afford the things in life required for survival (food, shelter, etc.). While a completely rational use of one’s time., the problem arises when we are so occupied with our profession that we begin to rest on our laurels and stop pursuing the dreams and hopes we have for the future. Before we know it our jobs have become our lives and we no longer feel we have the power to accomplish that which we once aspired to.

Even if we are lucky enough to have found a profession that leads us toward accomplishing our lofty goals, many times we allow ourselves to lose sight of what is important. A great deal of rhetoric exists illustrating the promise of the future. However, without a plan this rhetoric gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life. We must embrace the big picture ideals with the details needed to see them become reality. Otherwise, we will be left wondering why the moment of our ultimate realization has yet to begin.

No matter how well we plan however, nothing can be accomplished without the courage and resolve needed to sacrifice our short term comfort for what we truly wish to attain. For a truer example of this, one must look no further than the history of the United States. Every great accomplishment in this country, from our massive infrastructure to our advances in technology, have required foresight beyond the present. Accepting short term inconvenience, for long term prosperity. To truly accomplish great things, sometimes we must let go of the comfortable mediocrity holding us in the familiar embrace of conformity.

If anything is certain, its that life is far too short to be wasted with needless procrastination. We must approach every element of  our existence with a sense of urgency worthy of the finite nature of the world we live in. It is only a matter time before the future we look to becomes the present we reside in. We must seize this moment and realize the promise of tomorrow today. Anything less will leave us looking back on a life filled with promise wondering where we missed our greatest opportunity.

Realize the goals of tomorrow in the actions of today.


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