Holiday of Indifference

I want to preface this discussion, by asserting I have no ill will towards this epic we call Valentines Day. However, I am not that excited about it either. Which made me think about all of the holidays our society observes, and my equal indifference towards them. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the meaning behind many of them. I just no longer see the wisdom of building up any given day more than the rest and I don’t think I am alone in this. The question is- why are some of us faced with such a great deal of apathy when it comes to these days of infamy, while others (especially children) look forward to these days above all else?

I imagine a great deal of our perceptions of the holidays come from our expectations. These are especially poignant when we are young. Time never seems to be moving fast enough, so by the time our favorite holiday comes around it seems like our entire lives were building to that moment. For some of us, we build associations and traditions enabling us to maintain this level of excitement well into the chaos of adult life. For others, the aura of the holiday wears off and we find ourselves unconcerned with the days that used to dominate our thoughts for months.

Some might claim this disinterest in Christmas Trees and Valentines, is merely a product of loneliness and bah humbuggery, but I don’t think its that simple. There are plenty of well-connected, happy people in the world not enamored by the holiday jubilee. Inversely, there are plenty of people who might spend the holidays alone, but still get excited just thinking about candy hearts and Cadbury eggs. What do we do with this delightful divide on the importance of the holidays?

While, there may not be any specific characteristic that determines our level of interest for the epic amount of holidays we celebrate, I think the key to surviving them is respecting the right to observe them as we see fit. Don’t really care for the holidays? Good for you. Just don’t ruin it for those who celebrate them with fervor. Likewise, if you are really passionate about the holidays, try to understand and not take the indifference of others too personally. In the mean time, lets all agree that referring to Valentines Day as VD is both misguided and hilarious.


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