The Theatrics of the Human Experience

The world is driven by the social needs of its inhabitants. One must only look as far as the popularity of Facebook to realize this. There is an inherent desire amongst society to pair up in groups of two and start the fabled “nuclear” family. However, in our quest to achieve this goal, a great deal of drama arises. This encompasses those who have found that partner and those still looking. Nothing too surprising, but it seems the evolution of our society and the choices we have make the journey far more complicated.

Interacting with others has always involved give and take. Attempting to spend our limited time with anyone poses its own set of challenges. After all, we are individualistic creatures who have unique viewpoints that many times do not mix neatly with those of the others in our life. Communication missteps are more likely to occur as one lets down their guards. Not to mention life’s natural ups and downs, which are only magnified when shared with someone else. It is no wonder close, intimate relationships are a breeding ground for epic amounts of drama.

However, thanks to our expanded freedom in the search for a significant other, the dating scene is rife with an equal amount of drama, not only from an external point of view, but an internal one as well. You have the drama that comes with the enormity of the dating scene. Any given date could be an unmitigated disaster. Even if you are the luckiest fish in the sea of dating and tend not run into such problems, it doesn’t guarantee a drama-free filled experience. The control one has over their romantic destiny has increased exponentially, allowing us to get bogged down in the minutia  that comes with determining whether we are compatible with the person sitting across the table. As a result, we date far many more individuals and have probably accumulated a great deal more baggage. Baggage filled with additional drama.

The real question remains–is the drama worth it? For most of us, the pressures of society will probably make the decision for us. However, unless one is with someone they truly care for, giving in for the sake of giving in will only lead to more tension. The only real way to truly avoid the spectacle of life would be to live alone and refuse to interact with the rest of the human race. Probably not a good idea. Sure there would be no drama, but the potential loss of sanity might be worse.

Perhaps the most ideal solution is to embrace the drama. Running away from  every relationship is pretty impossible. Attempting to avoid all drama usually means missing out on what makes life so great. The key to overcoming the negative associations of life’s theatrics may be to just live in the moment. Not to worry about what tomorrow will bring, but to savor every second you spend on the journey. Viewed from this angle, maybe the social necessity of life isn’t so bad after all.

Live today, worry tomorrow.


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