Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations are a necessary element of life.  They shape our perspective of our experiences. In some cases, more than the encounters themselves. In many ways they account for the extreme highs and lows of our existences. The question is whether these expectations are necessary or are merely byproducts of our desires and fears.

In many ways these expectations transcend the very events themselves. For example, consider the New Year’s Eve countdown. In the grand scheme of things, the transition from one year to the next really isn’t that exciting. Sure there is always the excitement of looking towards the possibilities of starting with a clean slate. Yet, without the excitement created by the countdown and celebration of the “New Year” the day would come and go with little notice. It is in the suspense the elation lies.

This concept also can be applied negatively. The fears and worries we have are magnified by apprehension. Anticipating something is far worse than experiencing. Once you take out the unknown of that which causes great trepidation, it no longer has the same gravity. In other words, if you don’t see something coming, its kind of difficult to be afraid. And as we all know, “fear leads to the dark side.”

Then of course there is the problems that arise when our expectations don’t match our reality. When our hopes and dreams do not match our existence the emotional distress can be overwhelming. Yet, even knowing this we continue to believe things will turn out to be exactly how we expect them to. Overcoming this conception would at the very least prevent a great deal of heartbreak for the Limerent lovestruck fools of the universe. A concept best illustrated by this scene:


Expectations are both vital to our reality and capable of distorting it. Are the highs caused by the expectations we create worth the lows that follow? Can we overcome the fears caused by the unknown? Is it possible to reconcile our expectations with our reality? One thing is for certain, necessary or not, expectations define us.

Fear not the unknown, for it is the mystery that makes life worth living.


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