Love’s True Nature

“It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything.”

-500 Days of Summer

Are our expectations for love unrealistic? The movies and romance novels paint love as an emotion capable of overcoming all obstacles. That when two people are right for each other, things will fall perfectly into place. Settling for anything short of this epic emotion seems like giving up. Is this reality or merely a product of fabricated expectations?

So much of our lives are dedicated to finding our soul mate. The one we are destined to be with. Some may be less philosophical about it, but most of us eventually want to settle down with someone we love. That person who will be there for us when no one else is. The question remains whether the grand romantic dream is possible, or if a more tempered view on romance is needed to be happy in life.

Should we be content finding a significant other we can peacefully co-exist with, but doesn’t inspire the passion of true love? Is that passion even real? Or does our desire to have the perfect relationship create a persona no one can possibly live up to? Is it possible we are able to experience the companionate love between spouses with almost anyone, if we are willing to compromise. Rather can we learn to love someone?

An interesting idea to be sure.  Is true love capable with anyone? Is all the grandiose talk of there being a destined soul mate for each of us mere conjecture?

The answer to this question most likely lies somewhere in between. Maybe there isn’t just one person who we are destined to be with. That doesn’t mean we cannot end up with someone we truly care about. Someone that inspires us to aspire to greater heights than we might otherwise reach. The key is to being willing to take the chance when it comes along and realizing that every happy ending requires someone to make it so.

To find one’s soulmate, one must look…


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